Get immediate, practical insights on pricing, structure and risk appetite for long term PPA in your region.






Access To Market Intelligence

Long Term PPA Price

Understand the current value for long term PPA price based on Pexapark propriety pricing model.

Risks & Opportunities

Understand the principle market risks (balancing costs, liquidity, volume, etc.) and opportunities. 

Making The Complex Simple

As one of the leaders in PPA education, we aim to turn complex matters into understandable concepts.

PPA Structure

Learn about different PPA structures offered by market. 

Experts Insights

Receive a tailor made analysis of the report via a 90 minutes call with co-founder and COO Luca Pedretti.

Risk Allocation

With a dedicated research team sourcing the most valuable data in the market and our 3.0 GW experience in PPA advisory, this report gives you a clear understanding of the major PPA risks & opportunities by market.

Our Clients

Understand the region PPA markets

"The value of the report comes from the fact that we have been engaged successfully in a multitude of PPAs as well as with numerous offtakers. This allows us to deliver precise insights into the current market offerings, saving you time on your market assessments."


COO & Co-Founder of Pexapark

“Pexapark is an important partner to us for the structuring and execution of our PPA transactions. Their hands-on transaction experience and risk management framework are of essential value for us when dealing with large PPAs in volatile, complex energy markets as just occurred in Scandinavia on the project Nysäter”

Tim Marahrens

Credit Suisse energy infrastructure partners

"Pexapark's extensive experience in PPA transactions have been key in helping us expand and manage our renewable investments in open markets. Their highly structured approach to energy risk management as well as their collaborative work style has been a tremendous asset to our teams."  

Dr. Dierk Paskert


"The team at Pexapark has a deep understandig of the PPA market, which enables them to present and discuss the risks related to PPAs in a structured manner. The framework presented in the PPA Academy is useful to offtakers, developers, investors, financiers and advisors working with renewable asset investment and management. "

Kari Tikkanen

Transaction Manager at OX2

"With the PPA Academy, Pexapark did an excellent job framing a systematic approach to valuating and managing risks involved in a renewable PPA and making their experience and knowledge accessible to interested 3rd parties like developers, investors or corporate offtakers."

Peter Urlings

Team Lead Energy Marketing Europe at E.on


About Us

Pexapark is a Swiss FinTech start-up, founded as a response to the renewable energy market transition from tariff-based to open markets. Founded in 2017, we have to date advised over 3.0 GW in PPA transactions and have been recognized accross start-up programs and competitions. 

Get immediate, practical insights on pricing, structure and risks appetite for long term PPA in your region.